decorating the studio for october!

As you know, we absolutely love Christmas here at Clara and Macy!

It's usually quite a busy time for us, so we thought we would decorate our little studio with plenty of festivity whilst we still had the chance. 
So we came in on Sunday last week to do just that!

There was mulled wine involved, some ginger biscuits and we even listened to 'The Holiday' soundtrack. 
We made paper chains out of our tiny trees and carrot wrapping paper, and even found another use for our dress-up paper too! We love a good double use product here :)

What do you think of our penguin washing line?

It might seem a little bit early to be getting ready for Christmas, however we have been prepping for it since January, so I think we've done a good job of holding off.

It feels good to be embracing it!

Have you been resisting the urge to get a little Christmassy?

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