the season of autumn and why we love it

We are well into autumn now and I don’t know about you but we just love it here. There are so many things about this season to enjoy, and crunchy orange leaves are just the start!

There is something really lovely about heading out of the house wearing a jumper and a scarf, but being able to leave your coat at home. And seeing your breath always feels a little bit magical too.

As you already know, we are Christmas crazy here at Clara and Macy, and because we’ve been prepping for it since January, as soon as we hit autumn the studio begins to feel a little bit festive.

Katy even has a sneaky playlist full of slightly festive songs that still feel acceptable to play from September onwards – we call them “loophole songs”. Loophole songs are the best!

Does anyone else find sneaky ways around being festive a little too early?

Sometimes autumn brings those dull days too, when it is grey and rainy outside, the leaves aren’t crunchy anymore – and soggy leaves just aren’t as much fun, unless you’ve got your wellies on. (Martha doesn't mind too much - she's obsessed with wellies, puddles, and any water she can find!)

Those are the days when creativity and simplicity are needed. Our rainy day activity jars are full of little ideas to make those grey autumn days a little bit more fun for the family.

Also, it won't be long until it starts to feel wintery! That's when our winter date ideas jar's come in very handy. Then you'll be all ready for the cosy season :) 

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