About Clara and Macy

Hello there, I'm Laura, welcome to Clara and Macy.

Clara and Macy is a small family run business who design personalised and creative products for children and their families. The idea of making a family smile, helping them spend time together, and adding a little bit of magic into their everyday, is exactly what we love.

Set up by Laura Clempson in 2012 after working as a puppet maker in animation for ten years. The time had come when Laura really wanted to work on her own designs rather than other peoples. It started with sketches of two little characters called Clara and Macy, a pair of girls who loved spending time together, who were destined for picture books. 

The plan was to design a few products and then contact publishers with the idea. The products turned into a range, the range turned into a business, and the business grew out of her house and into the gorgeous studio and four person team that we have now. And Laura still hasn't had time to actually contact those publishers! 

Clara and Macy is very much a family business, with products designed for families and made by our own family. With four children the inspiration for new product ideas is endless!

Clara and Macy use ethically sourced materials, we're environmentally responsible, and our four-person team carefully hand makes all of your orders in our little studio in Altrincham, Cheshire.