Photo Baubles

We’re thrilled to create a personalised photograph keepsake for you, but first of all we need your special photograph. 

Photograph Tips: 
- Please send a high quality image, if you can send 300dpi please do. 
- JPEG or TIFF files are perfect. File sizes of over 1MB are great, but over 5MB may be tricky to attach. 
- The higher the quality, the better the result. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to ask us – I’m sure we can help advise you on getting the best results. 
- Ideally it will need to be a square image (for example an instagram photo). If you have trouble creating a square image please don’t worry, we can crop it for you – but definitely bear it in mind when choosing an image. We would hate to crop out crucial areas! 
- We find that the best images are ones that capture a snapshot into everyday life rather than posed portrait style images, but of course the choice is yours. 
- Don't forget that there will be a small hole close to the top of your decoration for the ribbon, so try not to choose a photo that has a crucial detail just there.
- All photographs will be converted to a soft vintage black and white, even if a colour photograph is sent. 

Sending Your Photograph: 
- Photos can be uploaded via the file upload option on the product page.

Please remember if you have ordered more than one bauble to upload a photo for each one ordered. Or let us know if you would like the same image used on multiple baubles. 

I hope these instructions help, but of course please do feel free to send us any queries at