My name is Clara. That's me just there below.

This little shop has lovely products all about me and my wonderfulness! And a blog all about me too, and some crafty goodies all about me, and games all about me. In fact it's mostly all about me. I am extremely funny and clever, but not at all grumpy, which you will discover when you get to know me.

A lady called Laura Clempson created me during her lunch break when she worked as a puppet maker. She thinks she's so clever making all these paper dolls, stationery and toys with me on, and doing it in the middle of the night whilst her three little children sleep, blah, blah, blah... although I suppose she did design lots of things with me on, so she must be a little bit nice really. Even though she does think I'm grumpy. Oh, and she designed Macy, my twin sister, who also has her name in the title which isn't really very fair at all. And Colin, the boy next door. But he collects snails - yuck!

Laura has plans to make me a world famous superstar with my own books, animations, and maybe even lunchboxes. Isn't that exciting? That will happen one day, but for right now you can buy all these lovely Clara and Macy things that have me on. And some things have Macy on but don't get those ones, just get the Clara ones. Promise? So don't forget... I'm Clara, the little girl who is not at all grumpy. Except sometimes.

P.S. Laura says every order gets a little free gift. Awesome or what?!

P.P.S. Can you believe it... Clara and Macy won the notonthehighstreet.com Storefront Success Award 2013! Though obviously it is all down to me, Clara, and nothing at all to do with Laura. Or Macy. Tee hee!