meet the staff // part 4 // Hannah

Well hello there!

My name is Hannah and I am Laura's sister in law! 

I am 25 years old and I have two children Austin (8 years) & Harmony (5 years). I have been working at Clara and Macy since January 2016... and I have some exciting news to share with you all...

Hannah bump photo

That's right Clara and Macy will have a new little recruit! I am currently 27 weeks and due on September 3rd.

(Any other ladies due in September ??!)

We have chosen to have a wonderful surprise this time round.

*My daughter and I have our fingers crossed for a girl*

And thanks to all your orders I have a lovely bundle of unique name choices. Thank you, it is much appreciated!

Tiny human card 

Isn't feeling a baby kicking inside just the best feeling ever?!

*little kicks in my tummy right now, I think someones agreeing!* 

That's why the last 6 months I have become especially fond of the 'new arrival' products! I can't just pick one favourite they are all too exciting!

But the baby bonding jars are SUCH a wonderful idea! I kinda wish I had these with my other two. These luxurious personalised jars contain 15 beautiful wooden tokens with fantastic bonding activities to enjoy with your baby!

Baby bonding jar

Giving your imagination a helping hand when exhaustion takes over. Aren't the bright colours brilliant? I have enjoyed stickering these tokens from the very beginning (I think I am past 20,000 now!). 

Plus how adorable are these new baby cards, with such beautiful illustrations these fresh, personalised cards are the perfect touch to your new arrival gift! 

Washing line card

I enjoy busy times of the year the most. My first Christmas with C&M I was stunned by how we all came together as a family to create your products & how we got hundreds of orders out a day!

I am going to miss that this year - I may have to sneak myself and a baby into the studio! Possible right?!

In everything that we do at Clara and Macy we always think about the extra touches and the individual person behind the product!

The magic starts here

*I think that's where all the magic comes from* 

Next up... Amy

meet the staff // part 3 // Tilly

Christmas 2016

Hello!! I’m Tilly, the one in the glasses - just like Macy. In fact I am 70% just like Macy! I am currently doing my A level exams and coming into the studio is a lovely break and just doesn’t feel like work to me at all.

I joined team Clara and Macy in October 2015 and have been a part of two crazy Christmases, black Fridays and many other gifting occasions. They may be hectic and sometimes a teeny weeny bit stressful… but I love it!!

Each occasion has its own popular products, but one product that stays consistently popular throughout the whole year is my favourite... wrapping paper! Each design is so different but you can pair any together and they look just as great, like they were meant to be :)

The wrapping paper always seems to be handed on to me to fold and pack as my love for it hasn’t gone unnoticed and with all the practice, I have got rather speedy!

*Note from Laura - Tilly is VERY speedy! There is literally no point in the rest of us folding paper. She's like a wrapping paper folding machine ;)

Everyone that is part of team Clara and Macy is very organised and a tiny bit of a perfectionist. But we can't help it! We just want your orders going to you exactly how you would want them to be!!

Even though we try to keep the chaos organised at times like Christmas it can become difficult! One of my favourite memories is throwing boxes across the studio to each other frantically trying to pack while one of us distracted and stalled the postman….

Busy old days

Little did we know at this point, he is lovely and more than happy to wait for us whilst we pack orders like crazy!

I may be one out of two that aren’t part of the family, but it sure doesn’t feel like it, we all get on so brilliantly and it's lovely to be a part of. We really do help each other out so much, inside and outside the studio.


Martha (Laura’s youngest child- who is incredibly cute) also gives us a little boost of energy on a Thursday afternoon when she pops in to say hello. She may distract us from our work a little bit but really who wouldn’t be…?  

 Its quite simple really….. I just love my job!

meet the staff // part 2 // Emily

Emily Burgoine

So I’m Emily. I am currently 22 going on 23 in September.

 I initially got to know the family when I became best friends, at secondary school, with Amy (the middle sister). After knowing them for over 10 years, I like to think of myself as part of family – I certainly feel like the siblings I work with are my sisters!

Christmas 2014

I’d say my biggest interest is reading! I love to read (I’d say that makes me a Macy). I must add in that my favourite series of books is Harry Potter! Yes I’m a complete Potterhead aka a bit of a nerd – Ravenclaw and proud!

I also enjoy sewing, knitting and other creative crafty bits – it’s pretty much a must in this job!

Harry Potter Socks

I have been working at Clara and Macy since I left sixth form in 2013 with time away in 2015. I have had the joy of experiencing three Christmas’s for the company, two of which were back when the business was still run from Laura’s dining room!

clara and macy christmas frenzy

Is it cheesy to say I genuinely love every bit about Clara and Macy? Oh well, I don’t care because it’s true! Even when we’ve had to work through the day and night to get orders completed, it’s still been a joy to do.

Products on mass

Of course it’s great because the team is made up of fabulous people who all work exceptionally well together. But also, because I love the products we actually make too, it just makes the whole process enjoyable and rewarding.

It is really tough to choose just one product. I would say overall the product I love to make the most is the ‘Dream Big Framed Prints’.

Dream Big Print

From doing to art work with all the gorgeous children’s names, to getting the perfect precision of the print in the frame, to the final tape on the back to finish the look, I get so much satisfaction from it all!

Not to mention they look adorable when finished!

I was so happy when Jamie and Jools Oliver chose our print to announce the name of their new baby. 

And that's me! Next up... Tilly!

meet the staff // part 1 // Katy

I guess it’s time to meet the staff, so hi! It’s good to finally get the chance to introduce myself to you! My name is Katy (i'm the one with part of an antler showing on my jumper) I’m Laura’s youngest sister and I’m a Clara!

In fact I’m 80% Clara;

“You are a bossy little madam who loves dressing up, playing hopscotch surprise, and eating cupcakes. You don't like being told off, poorliness, and Sunday best clothes.” 

I’m pretty convinced Laura just used me as an example for this description! It fits me perfectly. But let's be honest... who wouldn't want to be Clara? She's clearly the better sister! Who are you? Clara or a Macy?

Clara dress up paper doll

I’m a big lover of cake, in fact I bake cakes weekly and I’m not sure I always like to share them, but really who does? I’m 19 and have been working at Clara and Macy since I was 16, it’s been the most exciting, chaotic and eventful 3 years and I cannot wait for many more manic days.

Christmas at Clara and Macy HQ is rather hectic, it’s what you’d describe as organised chaos (most of the time it’s organised)! It’s my favourite time of the year at C&M because not only do we get to spend crazy amounts of time in our amazing workspace with friends and family, we also get to make some pretty cool products and make people’s Christmas that extra little bit more special!

I love C&M’s family focus; I think I love it so much because all the staff here are either related or family friends so it just highlights to us how important family time really is.

couples date jar

Personally my favourite product that adds that little bit of magic is our date jar. There’s something so magical and special about them, it makes me smile a little bit every time we get an order for one! Imagine how amazing it feels to know that our company is helping to create memorable moments for couples that don’t ordinarily get the time to spend with each other.

The date jars have the warmest, cosiest feel to them, the warm tones of the tokens instantly make them feel extraordinary or at least to me they do!

couples date jar tokens

Nothing is too much to ask of any of us, we band together to get the job done and the orders ready even our post collection man (Mike) does his bit, rescuing us daily by coming back for our mail sacks late or even waiting out in the freezing weather for 15 minutes just accepting that we were a crazy team who were desperate for him to give us those extra minutes; at Christmas every minute counts!

Every day we run around the building trying to get all the orders ready for 4:50pm, some days words went out the window and we just knew what each staff member needed without having to ask; we just synced up. It was pretty incredible really!

Team Clara and Macy

I am so grateful to be part of such an incredible team, every single team member would happily give up everything to come to work at any time of the day to bail us out of any tricky situation! We truly have each other's backs.

We like to dream big here! I am proud to be part of team Clara and Macy, it makes me who I am!

clara & macy x bookishly

So dear readers, something awesome happened this week. As you know here at Clara & Macy we love designing products for children, and we LOVE books. Especially books for children. 

When the amazing Bookishly contacted us a couple of months ago to see if we might like to collaborate on a range of prints featuring book quotes for children, it took us all of about 1.5 seconds to jump at the chance. Some of our favourite things in one brilliant package, what's not to love!

Alice in Wonderland children print

Do You Suppose She's A Wildflower, Alice In Wonderland Print // from £18

 Ever since Jools Oliver announced the name of baby River using our Dream Big print we've been hoping to develop our range of rainbow prints.

And so this was the perfect collaboration. 

A little princess children print

I Know You By Heart, A Little Princess Print // from £18

 You can purchase the entire range over on Bookishly where there are plenty of options for unframed and framed prints. 

That Was The Beginning Of Fairies, Peter Pan Print // from £18  

Courage, Dear Heart, Chronicles of Narnia Print // from £18

 You can find the whole range over on the Bookishly website. 

Don't you just love them?


We did it!!! We reached our 30,000th order on this week 🎉🎉🎉

I can't quite believe it. That's a BIG number!

And one that I certainly never dreamt of when I started Clara and Macy. I'm absolutely thrilled! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for the orders, support, help, cheerleading, ideas, and inspiration. I couldn't do it without you. 

Thank you  xx

just for the Dads...

Personalised Mummy and Me Activity Tokens Jar

Close your eyes Mums, this one is just for the Dads...

Dads don't forget it's Mother's Day on Sunday. I know, it's come around so quickly! But don't worry - we've got plenty of gorgeous gift ideas for you - just head to our Mother's Day collection.

Giant Hugs From Your Tiny Human Card

Giant Hugs From Your Tiny Human Card

Personalised Wooden Heart Keyring

Noughts And Crosses Wrapping Paper Set

We've even got express delivery options if you can't decide until later in the week. So it's all good :) 

And you can use the code lastchance15 for 15% off everything until April 1st. 

everyday multitasking

The life of a working mum - expressing for my baby and working on my website at the same time. A snapshot of my everyday multitasking :)

I'm sure there should be a cup of tea here too though! I'll have to remedy that... 

a big announcement

The time has come for Clara & Macy to evolve. To change and to develop as a business. And to move forward in the right direction for us. 

So we've made a big decision...

At the end of March we'll be phasing out our engraved bamboo and cherry wood product range.

It's a decision I'm really nervous about, but my gut says it's the right thing to do. It doesn't bring me (or any of our wonderful team) joy anymore. And so, it has to go. Because after all, 2017 is all about the joy - and this decision is no different.

The bamboo range has served us well, it's been a huge part of the business over the past few years, but it's time. I feel strangely sentimental about it, and I have shed a few tears about it, but it feels like it's the right call. And new exciting product ranges will take it's place :)

We'll still be selling our personalised keepsakes for the next few weeks until April 1st, so if you want to stock up on any gifts ready for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, or new baby gifts please do. 

You can use the code lastchance15 for 15% off before April 1st.

Please do let me know if you have any special requests for engraved keepsakes, decorations, or cards. Otherwise you can order as normal while our stocks last. 

Goodbye bamboo, you've been lovely xx