We did it!!! We reached our 30,000th order on this week 🎉🎉🎉

I can't quite believe it. That's a BIG number!

And one that I certainly never dreamt of when I started Clara and Macy. I'm absolutely thrilled! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for the orders, support, help, cheerleading, ideas, and inspiration. I couldn't do it without you. 

Thank you  xx

just for the Dads...

Personalised Mummy and Me Activity Tokens Jar

Close your eyes Mums, this one is just for the Dads...

Dads don't forget it's Mother's Day on Sunday. I know, it's come around so quickly! But don't worry - we've got plenty of gorgeous gift ideas for you - just head to our Mother's Day collection.

Giant Hugs From Your Tiny Human Card

Giant Hugs From Your Tiny Human Card

Personalised Wooden Heart Keyring

Noughts And Crosses Wrapping Paper Set

We've even got express delivery options if you can't decide until later in the week. So it's all good :) 

And you can use the code lastchance15 for 15% off everything until April 1st. 

everyday multitasking

The life of a working mum - expressing for my baby and working on my website at the same time. A snapshot of my everyday multitasking :)

I'm sure there should be a cup of tea here too though! I'll have to remedy that... 

a big announcement

The time has come for Clara & Macy to evolve. To change and to develop as a business. And to move forward in the right direction for us. 

So we've made a big decision...

At the end of March we'll be phasing out our engraved bamboo and cherry wood product range.

It's a decision I'm really nervous about, but my gut says it's the right thing to do. It doesn't bring me (or any of our wonderful team) joy anymore. And so, it has to go. Because after all, 2017 is all about the joy - and this decision is no different.

The bamboo range has served us well, it's been a huge part of the business over the past few years, but it's time. I feel strangely sentimental about it, and I have shed a few tears about it, but it feels like it's the right call. And new exciting product ranges will take it's place :)

We'll still be selling our personalised keepsakes for the next few weeks until April 1st, so if you want to stock up on any gifts ready for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, or new baby gifts please do. 

You can use the code lastchance15 for 15% off before April 1st.

Please do let me know if you have any special requests for engraved keepsakes, decorations, or cards. Otherwise you can order as normal while our stocks last. 

Goodbye bamboo, you've been lovely xx

Love is

Have you seen the gorgeous new Valentine's Day campaign on all about what love is to each of us? It's so lovely. 

For me it's easy. Love is family. 

Spending time together - playing board games, watching movies, having picnics, dancing around the house, reading books before bedtime, spending our Saturdays curled up in pyjamas, learning new things, getting creative, and most importantly lots and lots of snuggles! 

What is love to you? 

2017: does it bring you joy?

I've had a business epiphany and it feels SO good. When I say epiphany - it's my own personal epiphany. A big little epiphany! Little to anyone else, but to me it's huge!

The Christmas break, time for my brain to recover from all of the busy, the slow steady days in pyjamas, watching The Intern (if you haven't seen it then I highly recommend it), and talking it all over with Tom, all seemed to create the perfect storm for my epiphany. 

My brain finally found some clarity, and I feel like I can move the business forward in exactly the right way now. It's so exciting! I would love to share my thoughts here, to write them down, a little reminder for when I doubt myself, for when the vision feels clouded. 

So here goes...

2016 was a tricky old year for me. Post-natal depression, business difficulties, financial struggles (that was a big one), the first year juggling life as a family of five. It wasn't the easiest. As soon as the clock ticked over to 2017 my brain seemed to click over with it.

I finally realised that 2016 was basically about surviving. If we made it through in one piece with businesses and lives that still function, children that are happy and growing, and a shred of sanity, we did really well! And we did. And so suddenly when that clock chimed 00.01am it didn't feel like we were trying to survive it anymore, it really felt like we had made it. 

I think I got so worried about money last year that it changed the way I ran my business. I didn't always make the best choices, and I got really, really scared. For a while there I kind of hated it. 

Now I've realised (remembered) that money should never ever be the focus. Not for me anyway. It has to bring me joy. I'm not interested in a business that creates a pot of money simply to sit in a bank account and sound impressive. It's just not who I am. 

I want to be happy each day and create beautiful products and make customers happy. And to have a workplace that people love working in and create jobs that make a difference to people's lives. I thought last year that I might want to downsize and have less staff, but I absolutely don't. I love that I'm *hopefully* playing a part in helping their days/lives to be better. I would much rather make lives happier than have a pot of money in the bank <3

And that's exactly it. I want to somehow make a small difference to people, and to myself. And that means remembering that finances aren't my goal. Joy is. 

It means running things a little differently, making choices that benefit me, and phasing out a few of our existing product ranges to make space for newer things. For things that truly bring me joy. It feels really, really good to feel clear about it all.

And as I realised today - I'm so ready!

So I hope you're ready 2017, because it's going to be awesome!


2016. What a year.

You brought our busiest business year ever, the dream team, a celebrity baby announcement, Colour Saturday, 440 craft kits in 24 hours, new products a plenty, a journey through post-natal depression, Harry Potter Studios, Matilda The Musical, our baby turning one, donating hundreds of pints of breastmilk, two weddings, thousands of orders, and the most relaxing Christmas is years!

2017, what will you bring?

A huge Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2017 brings you everything you dream it will xxx

Happy Christmas!

It's been the most perfect Christmas Eve so far. Pyjamas, films, baby snuggles, Harry Potter scrabble, carols, winter walks around Dunham, candle lit baths, family dinner, Muppets Christmas Carol, matching onesies, open fires, and ALL the excitement. 

Still to come - The Night Before Christmas, stockings, carrots, little bedtimes, hot chocolates, It's A Wonderful Life. 

Magis IS real. And this is it <3

it's time...

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that! We are officially closed for Christmas!

What an amazing, intense, terrific, emotional, busy, rollercoaster few months it's been. And we did it!

We're having a much needed break until January 3rd when we'll start all over again :) 

But for now... sleep! And food, and movies, and blankets, and baby snuggles, and all the good things <3