Making paper mice

Would you like to make your very own cheeky little finger mouse? Of course you would! 

And you know what... they are easy peasy!


Patterned paper


1. Download the pattern sheet, print and cut out the pieces. Curl the tail and bend the ears up. 

2. Roll the main body piece to create a cone. 

3. Glue or tape into place.

4. Glue the ears on like a little headband.

5. Glue the cute curly tail on, just on the inside.

6. Glue the whiskers on. Make three snips into each side to create four whiskers on each side.

7. Roll the rectangular piece and glue securely. 

8. Glue it into the inside of the mouse. (This is for your finger!)

9. Draw or paint black eyes and a nose.

10. Voila! A lovely little finger mouse friend for you to play with. Now he just needs some friends...