holidays, studios, babies, oh my...

Happy 2016 lovelies! After a gorgeous week of unplugged family time, today I reflected on 2015 and the incredible whirlwind of a year it was. 

It started with the most luxurious (and free!) holiday to Zanzibar you can imagine - all thanks to the amazing Noths team. I don't think I'll ever stop being grateful for such a life changing experience. Moving the business to our very own studio, which is turning out to be the most perfect Clara and Macy HQ. A magical family trip to Disneyland Paris. Rebranding Clara and Macy and falling in love with the new logo. Finally launching my very own website - it still gives me tingles when I see it. The joy of becoming pregnant for the third time and miraculously making it to full term, avoiding preeclampsia, experiencing an amazing natural birth. And becoming a family of five as we welcomed little Martha to the world. 

It really was a pretty spiffy year. I wonder what 2016 will bring? 

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