dreaming big for 2016

A quick cup of camomile & spiced apple tea (it looks like Martha has the same dairy allergy as Matilda and Theo so I'm dairy free again which means no proper tea... sob) while I'm dreaming of planning and organising 2016. 

We're super busy sending out hundreds of lovely sale orders this week, so my planning has only made it as far as buying a diary. 

But the dreams are very much in existence already.

One of my big business goals for 2016 is to launch a new baby product collection. I'm thinking prints, cards, wrapping paper, fabrics, and mobiles. Mostly based around my illustrations. I plan to draw a lot more this year.

The other big goal is wholesale. I absolutely can't wait to launch Clara & Macy wholesale. Ooh and developing my website further.

Research and planning starts later this week. So fun!