enough customers to fill the O2 arena

Today is a really good Tuesday. And today I'm feeling really rather proud of myself. Because today we had our 20,000th order on Not On The High Street. Wowsers! How did that even happen?! 

It's been an amazing rollercoaster journey for sure and there have been some truly incredible times, and there have been some hairy moments - especially the last few months when I almost reached breaking point. But this feels soooooooo good. 

Running a small business is a tricky old thing to do. We're all just doing our very best to make these businesses of ours work and keep our families in houses/clothes/food etc. And the responsibility of that is huge. But every day I get to do a job that I completely love to make it happen. How lucky am I? Seriously. Super super lucky. 

So I'm celebrating with tea and chocolate and flowers and feeling incredibly grateful for this life that I get to live. 

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for your incredible support and encouragement. I wouldn't be able to live this life without it xxx