brand image : #marchmeetthemaker

Have you heard about ‪#‎marchmeetthemaker‬ set up by Joanne Hawker over on Instagram? Each day in March small businesses across the land will be sharing behind the scenes photos of their business, brand, and working lives. So fun! 

Today is day one : brand image...

Clara and Macy was born three and a half years ago with the intention of attracting the interest of a children's book publisher. I had designed two little characters - Clara and Macy - with the intention of writing a series of picture books for them. But knowing what a tough industry it is, I thought if I could gather some interest in my 'brand' and sell some products then I might have a better chance. I had absolutely no clue that Clara and Macy the business would grow so much! So much in fact that it left me no time to ever contact those publishers! But I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Little miss grumpy pants Clara will always be at the heart of the business along with her gentle twin sister Macy. The new logo I designed last year uses a grey cloud to represent Clara and coloured rain to represent Macy - the perfect balance of them both :)

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