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I put these post it notes up above my desk at the beginning of 2015. My business goals for the year. I had no idea at the time that my year would involve a new baby! We got the studio and the website (massive yeay!), but some of the goals have carried over to this year. The biggest Clara and Macy goal for 2016 is wholesale. We finally have the space to store enough stock, and the right staff to make it work. So I'm hoping that next month I'll be a huge step closer to reaching that wholesale goal. 

But really it's all about the long term view now. My number one goal is to really make this business sustainable for the future. It feels like I've spent the last couple of years laying the foundations. Last year brought the storm that tested them. And this year is about building that next layer. A strong future for Clara and Macy and my family and me.

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  • Hi Laura!
    I’m Ruth Rose’s (ne curtis) sister and she told me about your website and how marvellous you are! I have just started blogging. Your blog and your creative ideas are amazing. I am in awe! I honestly don’t know how you do it! It is taking me ages just to manage a post a week and you somehow manage so much more despite your hectic life! I wish you ongoing success.

    Jane Taylor

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