making a change

This weekend I let work stress get the better of me. Unimportant deadlines became mountains in my head, financial worries became black holes of fear, and the juggling of everything felt far too difficult. I completely melted down. 

And then Tom reminded me that post-natal depression attacks the brain, clouding it with dark thoughts that aren't really true. It doesn't make sense and it doesn't feel fair. But it is what it is and although that mean little voice that tells me I'm failing, I'm not really. 

So today I walked in the sunshine with my baby. Tomorrow I'll phone the doctor for some support. And the day after that I'll just keep going, enjoying the moments where I feel like me again and trying not to feel fearful of the moments when I don't. 

Mental health issues suck. If you're struggling too I'm here with a hug and a cup of tea xxx

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