a little wooden token + a huge dose of imagination = a boredom busting idea!

Eeeeeep! They're here!

I'm absolutely thrilled to be launching a range of five activity jars for parents and children. Designed to be used at different stages of development, to encourage bonding, creative play, and to help make those special one-to-one moments more easily accessible. 

Plus... they're totally boredom busting!

The range includes:

Each jar can be personalised with the child’s name on the jar and includes 15 wooden tokens, each with a different activity suggestion for when you need a little inspiration.

We created the jars based on our own experience with parenting three little ones, and trying to run a busy small business at the same time! We know just how tricky it can be to find quality time with our children, and grabbing even just 10 minutes to give them our full attention makes a huge difference. We really think these jars can help with that.

Each creative activity needs only a few minutes of time - perfect for busy or working parents. Pick out a token and use the suggestion along with a dose of imagination as the starting point for some brilliant fun.

I absolutely loved making this range - designing them, coming up with the activity ideas, sourcing eco-friendly materials. It has all just been so fun. I love them! I really hope you do too :)

Find them here and get busy being creative!