Clara and Macy have an actual HQ!

After almost three years of running Clara and Macy from home, of having it take over almost every single room in the house, of boxes crammed in every spare corner, of shelves in the hall and an engraving machine in the cellar, in July we moved the business into a studio.

Our very own Clara and Macy HQ!  

The studio is about a mile away from our house, on the second floor of a lovely old building, overlooking the very first home that Tom and I lived in together. I was so nervous about moving in - I had no idea how to run the business outside of our dining room - but it was obviously meant to be. 

It turns out I absolutely love being in the studio. I think it might be my new happy place. The light, the space, the calm. 


The space we have here is amazing - we're so lucky. We have the main room, a packing room, an engraving room, our own little kitchen with a snuggly sofa corner, and a brilliant hallway that doubles up as an area just for the kids.  

And we've got our house back!

It's still very much a work in progress at the studio but I love coming here and I love going home. Who would have thought getting a studio could work out so perfectly!

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