there's a baby in the studio!

There's a baby in the studio! Juggling a newborn and a business might be my biggest challenge yet. But we're making it work so far. Hopefully.

We're preparing ourselves for a long few weeks at the studio in the run up to Christmas. Lots and lots of orders are going out, with this little lady by my side. Or under my desk. Which seems pretty cosy to be honest!

I'm not quite sure how we're managing everything. It's difficult. Really difficult. There isn't much sleep, and each day seems to blend into the night and back into the day again. A constant flow of feeding, expressing, sleeping in two hour bursts, packing orders, feeding, ordering stock, expressing again, sterilising, replying to emails, feeding some more.

We're on autopilot mode at the moment, just doing what needs to be done to keep everything functioning. Tag team parenting seems to be the key. And tea. 

But I'm so grateful that we are able to live this life. So grateful for the business, and for our babies. And for my incredible husband and supportive family. And for just four more weeks of craziness juggling a million things at once. Four little weeks and then sleep. Lots and lots of sleep! 

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