a four year nothsiversary

Not only is today one year since we moved Clara & Macy out of the house and into the studio, it's also my four year Nothsiversary! How can it possibly have been four years already?! 

Four years of learning and developing and growing a business. Four years of achieving things I could barely even dream of back in 2012. Four years of designing products, making orders, and sending parcels to nearly 23,000 customers. Four years of making friends, becoming part of an incredible community, and being supported by SO many amazing people. 

There is something so magical about running your own business. Of course it's difficult too, especially with three children, but what thing worth anything is easy? It's hard and exhausting and overwhelming, but so very rewarding and inspiring and completely brilliant. I can't believe that I've been allowed to do this for four years! It's awesome! Thank you so so much for those four years. They have been truly life changing. 

I wonder what the next four years will bring for Clara & Macy? I'm excited to find out!