a journey with many twists and turns

I don't know how long you've been following my social media feeds for, but if it's a while then you might know that I've been travelling along the awkward path of PND for a while now. It's a long path with twists and turns. Sometimes it feels pretty straightforward and sometimes it turns back on itself with a big old curve which feels oh so disappointing. 

Today I had my 5th CBT session and it was the hardest one yet. I've been struggling more than I would like lately, and even though CBT is really helping today felt tough. Running your own business is pretty difficult. Running your own business with three little ones including a baby is really difficult. Doing it with PND is a recipe for either disaster or brilliance. I hope that I can reach brilliance at the end of this twisty path. I'm sure I can. And today I've realised that to reach that I need to draw more. To paint more. To do all of the things I started this business to do. Just like with the family things I adored doing on Tuesday, I think I need a little bit more ordinary. 

So I'm putting this out there, because it helps me make these changes when I commit to them online, and because my mental health journey isn't a secret. It's just another little something I'm working on making more ordinary.