Boxes and dreams

This little sneak peek, this rough pencil sketch, is the beginnings of a new logo for Clara and Macy. Not a rebrand, just a freshen up. A pulling together of what this business is and what it stands for.

I’m going to be working on it a lot over the coming weeks and months. I feel like it‘s got all of the magical everyday elements that Clara and Macy is all about. Plus pastel colours

I’m sooooooo excited about it!

It's all part of the bigger dream for Clara and Macy. The dreams and plans of an exciting future. Hopefully!

There are just SO many things I'm hoping for. Dreams for their year, next year, five years, lifetime - they're all tucked up safe in my head, hoping to one day come true. I'm a huge believer in hard work and staying authentic to your own goals, and I'm determined to achieve at least some of them.

 To expand out wholesale range and become stocked in several shops. My dream shops are children's book shops - the kind with gorgeous wrapping paper and creative gifts on display to inspire little minds even future.

 To illustrate more. A lot more. I'd like the majority of my product range to be illustrated. I don't have much confidence yet but I love it.

 To write and illustrate picture books. This is the big one, the lifetime dream.

 To inspire creativity in my own children and other peoples.

Dreams are such wonderful things, don't you think?

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