Make A Cardboard XOXO Game


Reuse the packaging from your Clara and Macy orders (or any other leftover packaging) to create something new. Turn your ordinary cardboard into something full of imagination and inspiration. And help the planet at the same time!

Welcome to our new Reuse & Recycle project 💚

Let's start with this charming and fun XOXO noughts and crosses game.

It's perfect for gifting and playing over Valentine's Day. And it's super easy to make.




• Cardboard

• Pencil

• Cutter (box cutter, scalpel, or scissors)

• Ruler

• Cutting mat

• Glue

• Chalk pens, paints, or markers

• XOXO counters template (download here)


Packaging we used: 

Flat pack cardboard box (BEP30) that we send our craft kits, wrapping paper bundles, and stockings out in.


How to make it:

1. From a flat piece of cardboard draw and cut a square approx. 20cm x 20cm. Our sizes are shown as specific sizes but please use whatever sizes work for you and the cardboard you have available. This square will make the board game base.

2. To keep the game pieces in place we'll add a border. Cut four strips from the cardboard that are approx. 0.5cm x 19.5cm.

3. Cut two cardboard strips approx. 0.5cm x 19cm and six strips 0.5cm x 6cm.  

4. These strips will become the board for your noughts and crosses game.



5. Take the four longest strips and glue them around the edges of your flat square.  

6. Carefully lay your next two longest strips across the board, with the six short strips in-between, to create a crossed pattern. Once you've got nine equal spaces glue the strips down into place.

7. Use the template provided to trace the crosses and circles onto your cardboard. Use your cutter to carefully cut out these shapes.

8. Repeat until you have five of each shape.



9. Add some colour to your counters with chalk pens, paint, or markers. We chose two shades of pink to give it a loved up Valentine's Day feel. 



10. To make the spaces on the board stand out we used a white chalk pen to colour the cardboard grid.



It's time to play! You be the hugs and I'll be the kisses 💗

Keep reusing and recycling your packaging, and look out for more simple, creative ideas from us soon.


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