meet the staff // part 1 // Katy

I guess it’s time to meet the staff, so hi! It’s good to finally get the chance to introduce myself to you! My name is Katy (i'm the one with part of an antler showing on my jumper) I’m Laura’s youngest sister and I’m a Clara!

In fact I’m 80% Clara;

“You are a bossy little madam who loves dressing up, playing hopscotch surprise, and eating cupcakes. You don't like being told off, poorliness, and Sunday best clothes.” 

I’m pretty convinced Laura just used me as an example for this description! It fits me perfectly. But let's be honest... who wouldn't want to be Clara? She's clearly the better sister! Who are you? Clara or a Macy?

Clara dress up paper doll

I’m a big lover of cake, in fact I bake cakes weekly and I’m not sure I always like to share them, but really who does? I’m 19 and have been working at Clara and Macy since I was 16, it’s been the most exciting, chaotic and eventful 3 years and I cannot wait for many more manic days.

Christmas at Clara and Macy HQ is rather hectic, it’s what you’d describe as organised chaos (most of the time it’s organised)! It’s my favourite time of the year at C&M because not only do we get to spend crazy amounts of time in our amazing workspace with friends and family, we also get to make some pretty cool products and make people’s Christmas that extra little bit more special!

I love C&M’s family focus; I think I love it so much because all the staff here are either related or family friends so it just highlights to us how important family time really is.

couples date jar

Personally my favourite product that adds that little bit of magic is our date jar. There’s something so magical and special about them, it makes me smile a little bit every time we get an order for one! Imagine how amazing it feels to know that our company is helping to create memorable moments for couples that don’t ordinarily get the time to spend with each other.

The date jars have the warmest, cosiest feel to them, the warm tones of the tokens instantly make them feel extraordinary or at least to me they do!

couples date jar tokens

Nothing is too much to ask of any of us, we band together to get the job done and the orders ready even our post collection man (Mike) does his bit, rescuing us daily by coming back for our mail sacks late or even waiting out in the freezing weather for 15 minutes just accepting that we were a crazy team who were desperate for him to give us those extra minutes; at Christmas every minute counts!

Every day we run around the building trying to get all the orders ready for 4:50pm, some days words went out the window and we just knew what each staff member needed without having to ask; we just synced up. It was pretty incredible really!

Team Clara and Macy

I am so grateful to be part of such an incredible team, every single team member would happily give up everything to come to work at any time of the day to bail us out of any tricky situation! We truly have each other's backs.

We like to dream big here! I am proud to be part of team Clara and Macy, it makes me who I am!

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