5 Ways To Make Packing For Camp Easier

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The summer camping season is nearly upon us and our calendars are already filling up with school residential camps, brownie camps, Duke of Edinburgh camps, and fun holiday activity camps.

If you've got kids heading away on an exciting adventure it can feel daunting to get everything ready.

Don't fret, read on for some tips that might make packing a little easier...

Tip 1 graphic - label everything, showing a pile of pink and blue clothes

1. Label everything

A lot of kids plus hundreds of items of clothing's a recipe for lots of missing items! So label everything - even their toothbrush!

Sharpie them, sticker them, or try using our favourite iron on labels from Petit Fernand.

Tip 2 graphic - send hidden hugs, showing an image of an iron on patch that reads 'A hug from Mummy' on a rainbow coloured blanket.

2. Send secret hugs

For nervous campers, or for kids going away on camp or sleepovers for the first time, use our iron-on 'A hug from Mummy' patches to add a hidden hug to their blanket.

Tip 3 graphic - make a checklist, showing an image of an overflowing open suitcase.

3. Make a checklist

Have the kids do most of their own packing, and send them with a list of everything they've got in their bag. 

That way they'll feel confident to find and pack their own things for coming home.

Tip 3 graphic - include some extras, showing an image of a disposable camera.

4. Include some extras

Your camp packing list might only include the essentials, so think about adding some enjoyable extras too.

A disposable camera to record memories, a book for some downtime, and a small teddy or comforter for bedtime.

Tip 5 graphic - add some strength, showing an image of an enamel pin badge that reads Today I Am Strong.

5. Add some strength

Remind your camper that they've got this by pinning a positive reminder to their bag, or or by hiding it deep within their clothes to find mid-camp.

A greetings card with a graphic image of a green apple and the wording Thank You Mrs Spark inside, laying on a white desk

Bonus tips:

Roll clothes into your suitcase/bag, don't fold them. They take up less space rolled and they're easier to pack.

• Use dividers or zip-lock bags within your main bag to keep everything organised. Keeping everything in it's own section makes packing and unpacking a breeze!

• Forget the phone. Unless they're older or really need one for safety reasons, leave the devices at home. It's much easier to settle and immerse themselves in the experience without one.

• If it's a school camp don't forget to thank the teachers after they're home! I can't imagine how exhausting taking 30+ kids away is! A personalised card and some treats should do the trick!

Have you got any great camping tips?

5 ways to make packing for camp easier graphic, with an image of an open overflowing suitcase.

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