a teeny obsession with stationery and lists

Who doesn’t love a good list? Here at Clara and Macy HQ, you literally couldn’t get into the main room without seeing a list up on the wall for something or other. We are completely obsessed.

Not just at the studio either - all of us use lists in our every day life too. I'm not sure we'd make it through the day without a good old, trusty 'to do' list. 

Don’t even get us started on stationery! Okay, go on then, if you insist... diaries, post-it's, notepads, notebooks – we love it all!

What draws you to a notebook? And what kind of pages do you like? Blank, lined, squared? There are just sooo many options.

Because of our teeny obsession we decided to add notebooks to our range, and we love them so much!

We each have our favourites but with the festive season getting closer (eek!), I think this lovely snowman is in the top spot at the moment. Take a look at our little collection of notebooks. Which one is your favourite?

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