Craft / Cardboard Tube Butterflies

I've been making plans for this little blog and our very own Clara and Macy creative hub over the past few weeks, and it's been lovely. I can feel the future of it - another little piece of this brand jigsaw ready to slot into place 💛

This year seems to be all about growing and rounding out this brand into the business it's destined to be. And so you'll be seeing a few changes around here - good ones I hope. And one of those changes is the addition of regular craft projects for children. From our family to yours.

And we're starting with...

🦋 Cardboard tube butterflies 🦋

With googly eyes. Because adding googly eyes always makes every craft project better in the eyes of a toddler! 

This is a project I made with Matilda back when she was about four and I think we'll be having a go with Martha this week too 💛

To make your own simple butterflies you will need...

- Cardboard tubes (eg. empty kitchen roll tubes or toilet roll tubes)

- Patterned paper

- Cardboard

- Double-sided tape or glue

- Googly eyes

- Small lengths of ribbon

- Pencil/ruler/scissors

1. Measure your cardboard tubes & cut out strips of paper that will completely cover them. 

2. Use double-sided tape or glue to attach your pretty paper to the tube. (We used double-sided).

3. Draw a pair of wings on your patterned paper & stick it to some sturdy cardboard. Then cut them out. We put our spotty paper on the back of the wings too. 

4. Attach the wings to one side of your covered tube using tape or glue. Matilda chose to mix and match the body & wing colours which looked lovely. 

5. Stick on some googly eyes.

If you don't have any googly eyes you can always draw your eyes on with a pen.

6. Pop a tiny piece of double-sided tape just inside the top of the tube. Knot two small lengths of ribbon and stick them down to be antennae. 

7. Carefully make two small holes into the sides of your tube and thread through a longer ribbon for hanging.

Voila! Aren't they adorable?

It's such a super easy craft project that you can keep as simple or extend to become as detailed as you'd like. Perfect to keep your little ones entertained during the school holidays 💛

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