meet the staff // part 3 // Tilly

Christmas 2016

Hello!! I’m Tilly, the one in the glasses - just like Macy. In fact I am 70% just like Macy! I am currently doing my A level exams and coming into the studio is a lovely break and just doesn’t feel like work to me at all.

I joined team Clara and Macy in October 2015 and have been a part of two crazy Christmases, black Fridays and many other gifting occasions. They may be hectic and sometimes a teeny weeny bit stressful… but I love it!!

Each occasion has its own popular products, but one product that stays consistently popular throughout the whole year is my favourite... wrapping paper! Each design is so different but you can pair any together and they look just as great, like they were meant to be :)

The wrapping paper always seems to be handed on to me to fold and pack as my love for it hasn’t gone unnoticed and with all the practice, I have got rather speedy!

*Note from Laura - Tilly is VERY speedy! There is literally no point in the rest of us folding paper. She's like a wrapping paper folding machine ;)

Everyone that is part of team Clara and Macy is very organised and a tiny bit of a perfectionist. But we can't help it! We just want your orders going to you exactly how you would want them to be!!

Even though we try to keep the chaos organised at times like Christmas it can become difficult! One of my favourite memories is throwing boxes across the studio to each other frantically trying to pack while one of us distracted and stalled the postman….

Busy old days

Little did we know at this point, he is lovely and more than happy to wait for us whilst we pack orders like crazy!

I may be one out of two that aren’t part of the family, but it sure doesn’t feel like it, we all get on so brilliantly and it's lovely to be a part of. We really do help each other out so much, inside and outside the studio.


Martha (Laura’s youngest child- who is incredibly cute) also gives us a little boost of energy on a Thursday afternoon when she pops in to say hello. She may distract us from our work a little bit but really who wouldn’t be…?  

 Its quite simple really….. I just love my job!

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