meet the staff // part 4 // Hannah

Well hello there!

My name is Hannah and I am Laura's sister in law! 

I am 25 years old and I have two children Austin (8 years) & Harmony (5 years). I have been working at Clara and Macy since January 2016... and I have some exciting news to share with you all...

Hannah bump photo

That's right Clara and Macy will have a new little recruit! I am currently 27 weeks and due on September 3rd.

(Any other ladies due in September ??!)

We have chosen to have a wonderful surprise this time round.

*My daughter and I have our fingers crossed for a girl*

And thanks to all your orders I have a lovely bundle of unique name choices. Thank you, it is much appreciated!

Tiny human card 

Isn't feeling a baby kicking inside just the best feeling ever?!

*little kicks in my tummy right now, I think someones agreeing!* 

That's why the last 6 months I have become especially fond of the 'new arrival' products! I can't just pick one favourite they are all too exciting!

But the baby bonding jars are SUCH a wonderful idea! I kinda wish I had these with my other two. These luxurious personalised jars contain 15 beautiful wooden tokens with fantastic bonding activities to enjoy with your baby!

Baby bonding jar

Giving your imagination a helping hand when exhaustion takes over. Aren't the bright colours brilliant? I have enjoyed stickering these tokens from the very beginning (I think I am past 20,000 now!). 

Plus how adorable are these new baby cards, with such beautiful illustrations these fresh, personalised cards are the perfect touch to your new arrival gift! 

Washing line card

I enjoy busy times of the year the most. My first Christmas with C&M I was stunned by how we all came together as a family to create your products & how we got hundreds of orders out a day!

I am going to miss that this year - I may have to sneak myself and a baby into the studio! Possible right?!

In everything that we do at Clara and Macy we always think about the extra touches and the individual person behind the product!

The magic starts here

*I think that's where all the magic comes from* 

Next up... Amy

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