Craft / Cardboard Tube Rockets

It's amazing what you can make out of a cardboard tube and a little imagination.

When Matilda and Theo were little they went through a phase of wanting to make EVERYTHING out of cardboard tubes!

Theo still spends most of his time making things out of paper and card.

🚀 Cardboard tube rockets 🚀

To make your own cardboard tube rockets you will need...

- Cardboard tubes (eg. empty kitchen roll tubes or toilet roll tubes)

- Patterned paper

- Cardboard

- Double-sided tape or glue

- Small lengths of ribbon

- Pencil/ruler/scissors

1. Measure your cardboard tubes & cut out strips of paper that will completely cover them.

2. Cut a thin strip of a different coloured paper & stick it across the bottom.

3. Use double-sided tape or glue to attach your pretty paper to the tube. (We used double-sided).

4. Cut out a circle of patterned paper slightly larger than your cardboard tube. Cut a line to the centre, and glue or tape it into a cone shape.

5. Pop a strip of double-sided tape just inside the bottom of the tube.

6. Cut four length of ribbon. Our ribbons were about 30-40cm long which seemed to work well.

7. Stick your lengths of ribbon down onto the double sided tape.

8. Carefully make two small holes on either side of the tube at the top. Thread a ribbon or string through the holes for hanging or flying around.

9. Make a small hole in the top of the paper cone, and thread through there too. We added a tiny bit of glue and tied a knot in the string to hold the cone in place securely. 

Voila! Another super duper easy craft project for little ones. 

These rockets are such a simple make, and can even be extended into more complex projects like a mobile to hang above their bed.

You could mix and match these rockets with our cardboard tube butterflies too 💛

✂️ For more brilliant craft ideas for toddlers and children head to our Reuse & Recycle page.

✂️ Or have a browse of our Pinterest boards for even more ideas.




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