summer holidays

Not only are the summer holidays a huge reminder of how much energy kids have but it’s also a major opportunity for family filled fun! The team at Clara and Macy believe that family is the most important thing in the world!

Activity tokens

We like to keep family time super simple!

What better way is there to keep things simple than to do some fun activities together and just enjoy some quality time?

The only better way I can think of, is to allow us to do the imaginative thinking for you with our activity tokens jars to keep the special time even more simple!

We love being able to share our ideas for all kinds of fun activities that mostly get forgotten... when was the last time you toasted a marshmallow eh?

Thanks to our new jars, I toasted marshmallows over the weekend and it brought back the sweet memories of camping when I was younger. No kid should miss out on marshmallow time! 

We're big fans of marshmallows if you couldn't tell!

The activities in our jars might be the ones the kids remember the most! 

Adventure Tokens

If your kids say "i'm bored" about a hundred times a day even though they've just finished doing something then these free downloads will be perfect for them!

Baby Bonding

And if your little one is too little to toast marshmallows, you could always get an extra special  activity jar for the youngest! We recommend our baby bonding activity jar for the teensy ones who are off playgroup and nursery.

Whatever you do this summer, make sure you relax with your family doing whatever it is you guys do best together! Have fun...

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