We believe, do you?

A few months ago I got the idea in my head to design some beautifully festive enamel pins. And I couldn't shake this one image - a little navy blue and gold circle with the words "I Believe". It reminded me so much of the film Miracle On 34th Street.

Have you seen it?

Original or remake?

Do you remember the court case scene when they're trying to prove Kris Kringle is Santa and everyone is wearing "I Believe" badges. That's what I had in my head. Something people can wear and give a little understanding nod to someone else when they see each other wearing them. Because they believe. And so do we! 

And so I knew that I had to make that little design idea a reality asap :)

Here at Clara and Macy we believe in Santa. In magic. In family. In traditions. And in spending time together. 

We also believe in Christmas films! Obviously. 

We've been wearing our pins every day with such pride - proof of our magical beliefs and complete love of Christmas!

And they've been popping up on Instagram and Facebook too, as we've starting sending them out into the world this week. It's been so exciting to see! 

You can share them with us on social media using the hashtag #webelievedoyou - we would love to see! 

And now for the most important question of all... What are your top three Christmas films of all time?! 

Mine are...

- It's A Wonderful Life

- Miracle On 34th Street

- Holiday Inn or maybe Muppets Christmas Carol or maybe The Shop Around The Corner. 

I love them all SO much I can never decide! I can't wait to watch them all! 

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