Book of the week / Mopoke

Today's book of the week is absolutely gorgeous 💛

It's Mopoke by Philip Bunting

I discovered it while browsing the big Waterstones in London when I had a couple of hours to spare before my train back up north, and thought I'd treat myself to some inspiring books. I'm SO glad I found this one. It's divine. 

This is a mopoke. So simple and so fun. 

Mopoke is a story of a little Australian owl struggling to find some peace and quiet. But he's about to learn that you can't always get what you want exactly when you want it. It's adorable 💛

The colour palette alone is enough to make me want to stare at this book endlessly. Then the simple enticing illustrations are just so charming and clever.

All three of our kids love it - that's a range from 2 years - 9 years. And that makes me really happy! 

Since buying this book I've discovered Philip (and his wife Laura's) range of other picture books. Oh my word. Koalas Eat Gum Leaves is next on my list.

I am majorly inspired by this incredibly talented family 💛

They also have three kids, but live on the much sunnier side of the world!

Their philosophy and approach to children's books and reading with children truly speaks to my heart...

- Reading picture books encourages creative thinking. YES! 

- Reading picture books develops a deeper parent-child relationship. YES!

- Reading picture books introduces a love of learning. YES!

ALL of these things are so amazing. The power of the picture book. It's all about spending time together with them. 

And I think Mopoke is an excellent book to start with 💛

P.S. Definitely head to Philip's website and watch the little Mopoke trailer - it's gorgeous!

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