5 Easy Ways To Encourage Creativity In Reluctant Crafters

Little girl playing with paper toy mice

We're deep in spring crafting mode here - at the studio I'm prototyping new craft kits, and at home Martha is spending most of her waking hours making ALL of the things! Every bit of paper and cardboard becomes something to cut, glue, paint, design, and craft with!

But what do you do if you're itching to get creative with your kids and you've got very little time, plus a reluctant crafter?

I've put together 5 simple ideas to encourage those little ones who aren't so creatively minded. Read on for more...

Grab a free download idea sheet

1. Grab a free download

You can get some amazing free downloads, which make craft and creativity super easy. Start with our paper finger mice, which you can download the template and instructions for here.

We made our mice using some of our favourite wrapping papers.

The pastel patchwork wrapping paper and the yellow botanical wrapping paper designs were perfect for some spring fresh mice. At 100gsm, the uncoated and recyclable paper is really lovely to use when crafting.

Once you've tried making some mice why not head to Pinterest for some more downloadable freebies.

Keep new crafts simple infographic, learning to sew ideas

2. Keep new crafts simple

When learning something new, keep it really simple, and build confidence from there. A great tip when you're learning how to sew is to use felt instead of cotton material because felt doesn't fray. 

Sometimes using a craft kit can bring confidence even more. Beginners make like to follow written or video instructions, so take some time to explore all of the different options if the first one doesn't stick.

Recycle your materials in craft ideas sheet

3. Recycle your materials

It's really easy to get creative with your leftover packaging. Junk modelling is a great way to start.

Our favourite tip is using paper tape - paper tape instead of classic clear sellotape really levels up your cardboard creations. You can draw and paint on it too, and it blends seamlessly with standard cardboard boxes.

If you need a quick idea, follow our tutorial to make an easy noughts and crosses game. Or for some more adventurous project ideas try making our roman amphitheatre or solar system model.

Use duel purpose products like paper doll wrapping paper image

4. Use duel purpose items

Sneak creativity into pockets of time, and save some money, by using products that have a duel purpose. Reluctant crafters may not even notice that they're crafting! 

Our paper doll wrapping paper is perfect for this. Wrap it then craft it!

Take it outdoors, easy tips to help kids get creative image

5. Take it outside

Even the most reluctant creatives may find inspiration outside. Leaf printing, shadows drawings, making mud pies, or painting the walls with water.

Head to Pinterest for some great garden play ideas.

There is fun to be had in any weather, and there are endless ideas to encourage your little ones to have fun and get creative.

5 Easy Ways To Encourage Creativity In Reluctant Crafters


Happy crafting team! 

I hope these ideas help your reluctant little ones to get creative 💛

✂️ For more brilliant craft ideas for toddlers and children head to our Reuse & Recycle page.

✂️ Or have a browse of our Pinterest boards for even more craft and play ideas.




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