Activity / Five creative ideas for a rainy school holiday day

We're a few days into the school holidays and the "I'm bored" voices have started. If you're like me you're probably trying to juggle kids, a full time job, some kind of tidy house that never stays tidy for more than two minutes, and their constant need for food. And the weather forecast is for rain ALL week. 

So here are five super simple creative ideas for a rainy day - perfect for filling those little pockets of time 💛

1. Make Paper Finger Mice

It is super easy to make your very own little mouse pet out of patterned paper. All you need is some paper, glue, and scissors. 

You can download our printable template here

2. Make Cardboard Tube Toys

Cardboard tubes (like empty kitchen roll, tin foil, or toilet roll tubes) can be turned into so many things. The possibilities are endless. You can use them to make rockets, butterflies, or turrets on a castle. 

You can find all of the instructions for making these cardboard tube butterflies on our blog post here

3. Draw Or Paint A Life Sized Portrait

All you need is some giant paper, or a pile of normal sized paper all taped together, and some crayons or paints. Lie down on the paper and have someone draw all the way around you. And then get to work on decorating yourself!

Go as colourful as you like, and maybe add some stickers, sequins, and ribbons to decorate it with.


  • Watercolours are hands down my most favourite paints for children. They’re easy to use, give gorgeous results, aren’t too messy, and they last. Watercolours are a little more expensive than regular ‘kid’ paint, but I really think it’s worth it.

  • Use big paper, like sugar paper. Thicker, slightly textured paper is great for young kids as it can handle getting wet, and holds it’s form well. They can cut it, paint on it, and fold it.

  • Find more painting with kids tips here.

4. Build A Blanket Den

You can't go wrong with a cosy den built out of blankets and boxes. Try making it over chairs or your bed and then grab all of your cosy things and snuggle down for some quiet fun.

Our 'book of the week' posts might give you some inspiration for a new picture book to read in your den.

5. Play Colour Matching

A super simple game that you can make as easy or as complex as you'd like. Find as many things of the same colour as you can in your house and put them together in a gorgeous arrangement.

This is one of Martha's most favourite ever things to do. She could spend hours colour matching 💛

And if you get really stuck head to our create and make section for some free downloads and our activity tokens section for more ideas. Have fun!

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