meet the staff // part 2 // Emily

Emily Burgoine

So I’m Emily. I am currently 22 going on 23 in September.

 I initially got to know the family when I became best friends, at secondary school, with Amy (the middle sister). After knowing them for over 10 years, I like to think of myself as part of family – I certainly feel like the siblings I work with are my sisters!

Christmas 2014

I’d say my biggest interest is reading! I love to read (I’d say that makes me a Macy). I must add in that my favourite series of books is Harry Potter! Yes I’m a complete Potterhead aka a bit of a nerd – Ravenclaw and proud!

I also enjoy sewing, knitting and other creative crafty bits – it’s pretty much a must in this job!

Harry Potter Socks

I have been working at Clara and Macy since I left sixth form in 2013 with time away in 2015. I have had the joy of experiencing three Christmas’s for the company, two of which were back when the business was still run from Laura’s dining room!

clara and macy christmas frenzy

Is it cheesy to say I genuinely love every bit about Clara and Macy? Oh well, I don’t care because it’s true! Even when we’ve had to work through the day and night to get orders completed, it’s still been a joy to do.

Products on mass

Of course it’s great because the team is made up of fabulous people who all work exceptionally well together. But also, because I love the products we actually make too, it just makes the whole process enjoyable and rewarding.

It is really tough to choose just one product. I would say overall the product I love to make the most is the ‘Dream Big Framed Prints’.

Dream Big Print

From doing to art work with all the gorgeous children’s names, to getting the perfect precision of the print in the frame, to the final tape on the back to finish the look, I get so much satisfaction from it all!

Not to mention they look adorable when finished!

I was so happy when Jamie and Jools Oliver chose our print to announce the name of their new baby. 

And that's me! Next up... Tilly!

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